The Knappuccino's Coffeehouse FAQ

Q:  Can only church members go?
A:  Anyone can attend! The coffeehouse isn't affiliated with the church at all-- we just rent the space because the acoustics are neat and the atmosphere is cozy.

Q:  I want to come listen to the performers. Should I bring anything?
A:  Just a willingness to shut yer trap, money for the cover charge, and a few dollars for coffee and munchies if you get hungry. You could bring your own coffeemug if you wanted to be environmentally friendly.

Q:  Who goes to Knappuccino's? What's the audience like?
A:  Well, it's hard to generalize, but I'd say the people who tend to enjoy Knappuccino's Coffeehouse also tend to like NPR. We attract a large age range: we have high school students come, and we have grandparents attend as well. People have been known to bring their children, too.

Q:  Is Knappuccino's a kid-friendly event?
A:  I wouldn't say it's kid unfriendly, necessarily. I'd say that it's PG. If you think your child is of the age and mindset where they can sit quietly for a couple of hours, then by all means bring them! We have coloring books available if they start to get twitchy. :-)

Q:  I only want to see my friend play; I can't stay for the other acts. Do I have to pay the full cover charge?
A:  Yes.

Q:  Why bother creating a new coffeehouse when there are other coffeehouses in the area?
A:  Most other coffeehouses feature mostly poetry, and I've found that the poets don't want to hear the singers, and the singers don't want to hear the poets. That's just my observation... I could be wrong.

Q:  You keep driving home the point about being quiet. What gives?
A:  It's really disrespectful to be talking to your friends when someone is pouring their heart out. If you want to talk / schmooze / catch up with your pals, just go outside or come to Stanley's Tavern after the show. Think of it like a play. You might whisper something to the person next to you, but you (hopefully!) wouldn't have a conversation. But you're always encouraged to get up for some more coffee!

Q:  So does that mean I can't get up from my seat, like, ever?
A:  Nonono. Just be respectful. Ideally, you'd wait until the end of a really quiet, poignant song to get up and get more coffee or hit the head. If it's a happy-slappy song, you can get up.

Q:  Can I take pictures?
A:  Not if they're nailed to the wall. That's stealing.

Q:  Who is invited to Stanley's Tavern afterwards?
A:  Anyone who wants to go! Everyone pays their own way, though. (Just wanted to make sure nobody thought it was a Knappuccino's-sponsored thing.)

Q:  How late does the evening last?
A:  We usually go until 10:30pm. We have to be out of the church by 11pm.

Q:  How big is the venue?
A:  If we're in the sanctuary (the church-part of the church), it seats about 250 people. For more intimate shows, we sit in the stone foyer, which seats 40 comfortably. It's a really neat space.

Q:  How long have you been around?
A:  Our first show was May, 10, 2003, so you'll have to do some math depending on when you're reading this. Our final show is on June 18th, 2005.

Q:  I have another question. How do I get it answered?
A:  Just email me at (you know what to remove).

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